Busy bees and rattling mills

Children love honey: it’s sweet and yet still healthy. But how does honey get into the jar? Together with our guide Gabi, the children will visit a beekeeper in Ortisei, who will talk about the profession and the importance of honey bees. The kids will also have the chance to observe how bees work, behind the protection of a glass panel, of course. In the afternoon, the children will head up to Bulla, an idyllic Ladin fraction above Ortisei, where they will discover the old mills from the 18th century. During this afternoon, they can grind corn into flour and gain an insight into the historical background of this interesting craft.

Minimum of participants: 3

How old need the kids be to take part?

Between 6 and 12 years of age

Where’s the meeting point for activities?

Between 9.00 and 9.45 am at the Tourist offices of Val Gardena.

How much is it to take part?

  • 35 euro per day/120 euro per week for kids staying in establishments partner of Val Gardena Active or having signed up for the initiative Summer children’s weeks*.
  • 45 euro per day/160 euro per week for all other kids*.

If a child takes part in the activities for the whole week, he or she will get the KIDS ACTIVE backpack and his/her personalized certificate “Gherdëina Ranger”!

*If two children of the same family participate, there are price advantages!